Currently, I am interested in doing research in Applied Statistics and Machine Learning. In the past, I have been working as research assistant in Quantitative Imaging Lab and Analytical Chemistry Lab.

Quantitative Imaging Lab

I worked under supervision of Prof Rudko on a Parkinson’s disease project. We collected data of our current 50 patients of wide age range in different state of their treatements to analyze how iron level differs and also how their brain’s volume changed. For this project, I mostly used Matlab to sort out the image datas, unwrap phase, remove background using PDF method. Our lab

Analytical Chemistry Lab

I worked under supervision of the Vice Director of National Institute of Chemistry. I worked with our team on a research project with Northampton University : “ analyzing the water resources in the three biggest River in the North”. We collected 50 different samples in different spots in the three rivers monthly and analyzed several material elements in our water resources using ICP- AS Spectrometer. Also, during my two months working here, I had conducted some personal researches on human blood samples and the mercury analysis in different patients.